Mechanical Engineering Staff

1 Name: Edward Ampaw



MSc. Materials Science & Engineering

BSc. Materials Engineering, Hons

Certificate in Nano and Micro-Instrumentation

Research Interests

1.      Mechanical & Tribological properties of Ferrous alloys

2.      Bio-inspired design of shell structures

3.      Oxidation behaviour of thermal barrier coatings

4.      Synthesis of boron-containing materials

Teaching Interests

1.      Material selection and design

2.      Strength of materials

3.      Introduction to materials science and engineering

4.      Basic mechanics

5.      Mechanical properties of materials

6.      Global technology and development


Professional Association

1.      Materials research society (MRS)

2.      African materials research society (A-MRS)

3.      Materials Science and Technology Society of Nigeria (MSN)

Community engagements

Science, Technology, engineering And Mathematics (STEM) and Girls in Science (GIS) clubs which I joined during my studies. These are clubs that engage students in rural communities in educational initiatives that explore new approaches to provide clean water, affordable housing and education for people in rural areas.



2 Name: Justice Kudjoe Hatsu



MSc. Mechanical Engineering, KNUST

B.Eng. Computer Engineering, Hons, KNUST

HND Mechanical Engineering, Cape Coast Polytechnic

Research Interests

5.      Investigating shell mould casting technique in Ghana using indigenous materials.

6.      Designing and construction of fixtures for the production of mechanical components/devices.

Teaching Interests

7.      Advanced Manufacturing Processes

8.      Workshop processes & practices

9.      Industrial engineering

10.  Engineering Drawing

11.  Engineering Research Methods

12.  Stress Analysis

13.  Quality Assurances

14.  Computer Aided Manufacturing

15.  System Synthesis

16.  Project Organisation

Professional Association

Institution of Engineering and Technology

Professional Interests

Contractor to Gratis Foundation

Community engagements



Journals none
Conference papers/proceedings none



3 Name: Kweitsu Kojo Eric



MSc. Material Science & Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) – Sweden

BSc. Materials Engineering, KNUST

Research Interests

7.      Welding

8.      Metallurgy

9.      Functional Materials

10.  Material Failure Analysis

Teaching Interests

17.  Metallurgy

18.  Engineering Materials

19.  Strength of materials

20.  Engineering Thermodynamics

21.  Manufacturing Processes

22.  Heat Transfer

23.  Welding Metallurgy

Professional Interests

Industrial consultancy services in areas such as welding, corrosion control, clean steel metallurgy and material failure analysis.

Community engagements

Jehovah Rapha Orphanage Board Member – Suhum Ghana


Journals/ Conference papers/proceedings/ books 1.      Kweitsu K.E, Asumadu T.K. and Asiedu S.B. (2014), Mechanical Investigations and Survey of locally welded mild steel joints.

2.      Research, Technology and Innovation: The Bed rock of Sustainable Development In Ghana.

Koforidua Polytechnic: ISBN:97899988201265

4 Name: Augustine Korli Lawer



PhD. Civil Engineering (Geothermal)

MSc. Geothermal Engineering

BSc. Civil Engineering

Research Interests

1.      Forensic analysis of asphaltic pavements

2.      Use of natural fibers for ground improvements

3.      Sustainable engineering projects

Teaching Interests

1.      Geothermal Engineering

2.      Foundation Engineering

3.      Soil & Rock Mechanics

Professional Association

Member, GhIE

Member, Ghana Geothermal Society

Professional Interests


Community engagements

Disseminating engineering innovations to be adopted by rural folks in Hohoe & Jasikan Districts of the Volta Region for Rice Growing & Processing


Journals 1.      Design, Development & Evaluation of a rice dryer

2.      The influence of temperature, humidity and airflow on grain drying

3.      The future potentials of mechanised rice cultivation in Ghana

4.      Performance evaluation of a cowpea thresher at various moisture contents

Conference papers/proceedings 1.      Baseline survey of foundry activities in Ghana

2.      Design, development and evaluation of a De Laval nozzle

3.      Design, Construction and evaluation of a beans thresher