Higher National Diploma Automotive Engineering (HND)

Structure of the Programme (Semester-by-semester schedule/structure, of course, showing the credit value of each course). These are presented in the tables below

First Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
AME103 Engine Servicing 3.0
AME105 Vehicle Servicing 4.0
AME107 Electrical System Servicing 3.0
CLT101 Computer Literacy I 2.0
COS101 Communication Skills I 2.0
MATH111 Engineering Mathematics I 4.0
MCE151 Engineering Drawing I 3.0
Totals 21.0


First Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
AME102 Petrol Engine Management 3.0
AME104 Diesel Engine Management 3.0
AME106 Engine Mechanics and Transmission Line 3.0
AME108 Suspension and Breaking System 2.0
CLT102 Computer Literacy II 2.0
COS102 Communication Skills II 2.0
MATH112 Engineering Mathematics II 4.0
MCE152 Engineering Drawing II 3.0
Totals 22.0


Second Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
AFS101 African Studies I 2.0
AME201 Electrical and Monitoring System 4.0
AME203 Climate Control System 4.0
AME205 Electrical and Electronic Diagnostics 2.0
AME207 Automotive Workshop Management I 2.0
AME209 Design and Fabrication I 2.0
CMP213 Computer Aided Design(CAD) 2.0
MCE 343 Mechanics of Fluids 2.0
MCE121 Thermodynamics I 2.0
Totals 22.0


Second Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
AME202 Advanced Electronics 6.0
AME204 Diesel and Petrol Management Systems Diagnostics 3.0
AME206 Automotive Workshop Management II 2.0
AME208 Design and Fabrication II 2.0
AME210 ICT and Computer Applications I 3.0
AME212 Research Methodology 3.0
MCE122 Thermodynamics II 2.0
Totals 21.0


Third Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
AME301 Transmission Line Diagnostics 3.0
AME303 Reception Management 2.0
AME305 ICT and Computer Applications II 3.0
ETP301 Entrepreneurship I 2.0
LAN315 Law of Business & Carriage I 3.0
MCE 331 Mechanics Of Machines 2.0
Totals 15.0


Third Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
AME302 Chassis and Regulation Systems Diagnostics 0.0
AME304 Parts Management 0.0
AME306 Fleet Management 0.0
AME314 Project Work II 0.0
AME337 Industrial Attachment 0.0
ETP306 Entrepreneurship 0.0
LAN316 Law of Business & Carriage II 0.0
Totals 0.0