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Higher National Diploma Electrical/Electronics Engineering (HND)

Structure of the Programme (Semester-by-semester schedule/structure, of course, showing the credit value of each course). These are presented in the tables below

First Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
AFS101 African Studies I 2.0
CLT101 Computer Literacy I 2.0
COS101 Communication Skills I 2.0
EEE101 Electronics I 3.0
EEE121 Network Analysis I 3.0
EEE143 Electrical Engineering Lab I 2.0
MATH111 Engineering Mathematics I 3.0
MCE111 Thermodynamics (Heating and Cooling) 3.0
MCE115 Engineering Drawing 2.0
Totals 22.0


First Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
CLT102 Computer Literacy II 2.0
COS102 Communication Skills II 2.0
EEE102 Electronics II 3.0
EEE122 Network Analysis II 2.0
EEE132 Electrical Machines I 3.0
EEE144 Electrical Engineering Lab II 2.0
INA102 Industrial Attachment 2.0
MATH112 Engineering Mathematics II 3.0
MCE134 Mechanics of Fluids 2.0
Totals 21.0


Second Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
EEE207 Digital Electronics 3.0
EEE211 Telecommunication I 3.0
EEE225 Measurement and Instrument I 2.0
EEE227 Introduction to Computer Technology 2.0
EEE231 Electrical Machines II 2.0
EEE241 Power System I 3.0
EEE243 Electrical Engineering Lab III 2.0
EEE245 Electrical Engineering Lab IV 2.0
MATH211 Engineering Mathematics III 3.0
Totals 22.0


Second Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
EEE212 Telecommunication II 3.0
EEE222 Control Systems I 3.0
EEE232 Electrical Machines III 3.0
EEE242 Power System II 3.0
EEE244 Electrical Engineering Lab V 2.0
EEE246 Electrical Engineering Lab VI 1.0
INA202 Industrial Attachment 2.0
MATH212 Engineering Mathematics IV 3.0
STA240 Research Methods 3.0
Totals 23.0


Third Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
EEE301 Microcomputers 3.0
EEE327 Computer Applications 2.0
EEE331 Power Electronics I 2.0
EEE337 Equipment Maintenance 2.0
EEE341 Power Systems III 3.0
EEE343 Electrical Engineering Lab VII 2.0
EEE345 Electrical Engineering Practice 3.0
EEE347 Project Work I 1.0
Totals 18.0


Third Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
EEE306 Electronic Servicing 0.0
EEE328 Fault Diagnostics in Electrical Machines and Power Systems 0.0
EEE332 Power Electronics II 0.0
EEE342 Power System IV 0.0
EEE344 Electrical Engineering Lab VIII 0.0
EEE348 Project II 0.0
ETP302 Entrepreneurship 0.0
SMS312a Management and Organisation 0.0
Totals 0.0